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Generation-Y or Millennials are the 79 million US consumers born between 1980 and 2000*. These tweens, teens, collegians and young adults are tech savvy, cost conscience, cultural diverse and accustomed to on-demand access to entertainment, continual stimulation and extreme multitasking. With purchasing power of over $170B/year they can’t be ignored. However they have grown up to be suspicious of mass media. So how do you get them to become loyal listeners and viewers? Would you be surprised if I said direct mail?

  • Millennials say 75% of the mail they receive is valuable, and 73% of them have used direct mail coupons. (Source:Deliver Magazine-Jan. 2012)
  • According to the DMA Statistical Fact Book 2011, More than 18% of 22 – 24 year olds say they will respond to mail. This is actual a 13% increase over the 2010 results, showing that mail is actually growing in popularity with many younger consumers.

 “We tend to move a lot, so we don’t get as much mail as older people,”

says Matt Crandell, 24, owner-founder of a web design and computer services firm.

“So when we do get mail, it tends to be a bigger deal.”

(Source: Deliver Magazine-Jan. 2012)

Today, direct mail is morphing into “cross-media marketing,” a term that reflects the integration of data with digital print and online technologies.  Here are some things to consider when creating direct mail for Millennials:

  • Be authenticity:  The voice of the piece needs to focus on their situation and need. They don’t want to be sold.
  • Appeal to their love of technology: Don’t include large blocks of text. Instead add a QR code or directions to a digital experience like a video, personalized URL, mobile or social website for a richer experience.
  • Be creative, edgy and entertaining: Use compelling graphics, candid shots of teens and young adults, and clear, concise messaging.
  • Create a buzz: Get them talking to their peers about your station, campaign or offer.

Done right, direct mail can be a powerful tool to start building a relationship with this audience. Targeted, personalized and somewhat novel for an audience so digitally connected.  Tie in a well developed digital experience and they’ll be tuning in.

*Source: comScore – January 2012


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