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You say it’s your birthday?!   Leave a comment

Building loyalty takes a commitment to your consumers. You can’t always be selling. It is about showing them that you not only have great products and services, but that you’re a great company to work with. Birthdays are the perfect time to reach out to your audience to let them know you appreciate them. Whether you offer a formal birthday club with coupons or freebies or just capture their birth date in your e-newsletter signup and send them a simple card, recognizing loyal customers on their special day is a great way to connect.

Eagle Marketing has been running birthday clubs for clients for years. We regularly hear from delighted members how the birthday greeting made their day. Here are just a few examples:

“I don’t know whose idea this was but it is brilliant! And having the video with Ybeth? Now THAT’S what I call the frosting on the cake! Thank you all!!!!”

“Thanks, that was cool! 67 and counting…. Love BayNews9 – especially the weather staff!! Al and all the staff are very nice people and that is why I watch BN9 – You’re a community anchor.”

“Thank you so much for remembering my birthday and actually doing something about it. I know it is just a marketing ploy and you don’t know me from a hole in the wall, but you are the only ones to actually say Happy Birthday to me today. It felt good. Thanks. Your Loyal fan and listener of Baynews 9 since its beginning. -Bruce”

“Thank you Jackie and I am 91 years old smile…. Have a Happy Healthy New Year and many more years to come. – Marie”

Here are some tips to launching a great birthday club:

  • Direct Mail or Email? You choose! Use great creative and silly or heartfelt copy to endear them to your brand. On the one hand, I know I love going to the mailbox around my birthday to see something other than bills waiting for me. Having a tangible reminder of your brand can be powerful. On the other, email messages can include videos or animation and give you the opportunity to start a dialog with a happy consumer ready to thank you for the birthday greeting.
  • Personalize your message: Glean their preferences at signup and then customize your message based on these preferences. Whether it is a customized greeting from their favorite anchor or DJ, dropping in some content or text that would be meaningful to them, or freebies from their favorite show, you are letting them know you care.
  • Don’t Sell: This is the time to thank them for their business. Don’t tell them about the upcoming lineup, latest sale or new model. Simply wish them a Happy Birthday!

There is no reason to limit these interactions to once a year either.  Reach out to your database with holiday greetings throughout the year. Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, New Years, Veterans Day, July 4th, Earth Day and others are great times to wish them well. It is about connecting. Making them smile. It is a great way to stay top of mind without pushing your wares.


The Love Continues   1 comment

We’re popping the corks at Eagle this week! For the second year in a row, The Internet Advertising Competition* has honored Eagle Marketing for our work on website design and development. Last year we won Outstanding Website for our work with Senior Community Centers. This time, for our very own site.  We could not be prouder to have been awarded the Best Marketing Website for 2011 and to be recognized for the months we invested in discussion, design, detail, and even more discussion (if that’s even possible).  

If you have visited our site over the past 6 months, you’ve seen our bold headline, The Love Starts Here.   For me, creating this site was truly a labor of love because it so perfectly reflects my core belief in the power of simplicity, the importance of connections and the premise that it’s relationships and loyalty that matter most.   

Since taking over Eagle two years ago, I have worked to redefine our brand to align with these values and have had the pleasure of partnering with clients who feel equally passionate about creating connections. We have also extended our loyalty niche with on-line membership clubs like the Bay News 9 Club that help others cultivate relationships.  Loyalty clubs are a great way to build customers love for your brand with a measurable ROI. We’re especially excited that this program can encompass our full array of services that include direct mail, mobile, email marketing, database analysis and creative services.

No website or successful company, for that matter, is possible without a creative and dedicated team that strives for excellence. I think at Eagle, we got that love just right.

*The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase the award winning Internet advertising. This is one of the only competitions to recognize only online categories of advertising.

Building loyalty for less than $5 a year?   1 comment

Two of my favorite childhood memories revolve around one of my favorite things – food. The ice cream kind of food.

One memory is of the Good Humor truck making its way slowly through the neighborhood with that every present “come hither” music that got us kids dashing out the door.

The other is of the coupon I received each September from Baskin Robbins in honor of my birthday. It wasn’t that my parents couldn’t afford the free cone they offered. That sweet memory is more about the anticipation I felt as September rolled around and the delight I took in planning and picking which of those 31 flavors would be mine. I truly savored the experience.

Fast forward lots of years to 2010 and another September birthday.   The ice cream cone is now a free drink at Starbucks (I picked a grande-skinny-decaf-vanilla latte, if you must know) and a 20% discount at my favorite kitchen store…both in honor of my birthday.

I’m amazed at the little thrill I still get over these little perks. I truly LOVE ‘em because they make me feel special and indulged. As a marketer, I am struck by how we can so simply create connection, loyalty and even lifelong memories by merely remembering someone on their birthday.

Take for example Eagle Marketing’s online loyalty club at Tampa’s cable news outlet, Bay News 9. Members receive an email with a video birthday wish from their favorite news anchor. So simple, right? In one year, the Bay News 9 Club has grown to over 16,000 viewers who want to engage, give feedback, enter contests and get rewarded. Email open rates are typically around 20%, an outstanding response in any industry (Check out the full case study).

Something here clearly resonates. I think the common thread lies in the “we care” approach. As in: We hear and we listen, we respond, we remember. The “we care” that is at the core of any meaningful, authentic relationship. All so simple and yet so easily overlooked.

So think about the emails you receive, the businesses you frequent, the member cards you carry in your wallet. What is it about them that makes you feel special, connected and rewarded? Reply and let us know what is the loyalty experience YOU most savor.

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