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123 So. Main Str Apart No 3 (scroll down to see the proper format of this address).

No doubt, one of your best customers lives there, but this address would not meet the USPS’ mail rules for standard class delivery and would not be delivered for your direct mail campaign. Correct addressing and abbreviating can make the difference between whether your marketing dollars are reaching your target households or being wasted in the wrong homes.

One of the most frustrating things I see when working with client databases is the volume of bad addresses.  One file I worked on had more than 40% of the addresses formatted incorrectly! Correcting these addresses can take hours of hand manipulation. This is not only a blinding way (just ask my ophthalmologist) to spend hours of time, some are still not salvageable. If you are using your database for mailing lists, (which you should be!) bad addresses represent wasted money.

Properly training the people who enter addresses into your database is quite simple and just a few tips can make all the difference. Proper abbreviations are critical—court is abbreviated CT, not CRT—and easy to use. Improper formatting—the apartment or suite number goes on the same line as the address—and is always after the street info—also can make an address unmailable.

For an easy one-sheet guide to help get your data entry people on track, click here. Eagle Marketing also provide data entry services (and data cleaning services) if you need them.

Oh, I almost forgot. The correct way for the address to read is:


Good addressing in your database can save you money and push your marketing dollars to more of your target audience. Spend the time to do it right!

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