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Back to Old School   1 comment

As a working stiff in the marketing trenches, I’m usually too busy pep-stepping in my own Promo Parade to pay much mind to the advertising around me.

And, as you’re likely thinking, that’s a huge mistake.  I agree.

As an advertising pro, I need to be more heads up about what’s happening in my industry, despite my daunting daily to-do list.  It’s a challenge we all face in business.

So lately I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the marketing (or attempts at marketing) I see around me.  Not only do I get inspired, it’s a great reminder of those timeless advertising basics.

Here are some recent campaigns that showcase Advertising 101:

Yellowtail Wine: The creative crew behind Yellowtail encourages me to take what I call “realistic risks.”  The in-your-face graphics, the odd, yet compelling voiceover and the sheer audacity of the spots make this campaign a real attention-getter.  Most important?  They don’t let the clever concept get in the way of their real mission:  selling Yellowtail wine. The branding shines through loud and clear in every aspect of the creative.  The concept and the writing speak directly to their target audience (young-ish, stylish, connected and social).  And the product is truly the star.

Lesson Learned:  Find your own product’s “unique flava”  — but never let cool creative obliterate your branding.

1-800-CONTACTS:  Ahhh, humor.  We all love funny campaigns – but they’re tough to pull off. Too many “humorous” spots forget Job
#1:  the need to sell a product.  However, this funny campaign is a winner.  The folks behind 1-800-CONTACTS brilliantly blend humor and product branding in a simple, but effective campaign.  It’s got all the key elements:  a crystal clear concept (ordering their contacts is easy and saves you money), memorable characters, who are perfectly cast (I’ll long remember the actor lamenting about his “special eyes”) and great scriptwriting that hammers home the USP. Even more interesting is how simple, almost barren, the visuals are.  No flash, no fast edits, no barrage of incoming effects. A reminder that the K.I.S.S. principle can really work.

Lesson Learned:  Funny is as funny does.  Does the creative really sell your product?  Support your branding?  Make your product/service the star?  Or is it just…funny?

So every now and then, take a trip back to old school.  Absorb the advertising around you – and not just in your own industry. Review those timeless marketing techniques.  Are you really selling your product – or is the creative getting in the way?

You’re in for a very valuable lesson.


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The Love Starts Here   Leave a comment

Want people to fall in love when they visit your website?  Start first with great creative that expresses your passion. And that makes an emotional connection to who you are and to what you offer.  The question of what makes for compelling creative has been on my mind lately and now particularly since Eagle won the Internet Advertising Competition* award  for website design and development. This year we won Best Marketing Website for our own site. Last year we won Outstanding Website for our work with Senior Community Centers of San Diego.

I confess to having no objectivity when it comes to these sites. I love ‘em, plain and simple. And precisely because they are simple. They brand the look, the feel and experience for the user without clutter and distraction, unnecessary bells and whistles. And they do it consistently on every page with every image.

So how do you develop a website that makes you proud? Search the internet for sites that catch your eye and draw you in. Most likely the images are bold, colorful and large. Standout sites have a distinct color palette that’s woven throughout graphics and typography in a purposeful way and not just because they’re flashy or look cool or cutting edge.

Think through how you will use color and type treatment to distinguish your nav bar from headlines from body copy so visitors “get it” quick.  They may spend only a few seconds on your site so make sure your key message pops. Font size is LARGE or at least adjustable for us aging baby boomers who need a little help with the fine print.

If you’re using photos of people, keep shots tight. No image is more moving than a head shot with eyes to the camera. Senior Community Centers is a perfect example. The rotating images of seniors and quotes on their home page really draw you in with the prominent “Donate Now” button integrated into the main image.

Which leads to this question: What is the call to action? What do you want visitors to do?  Is it make a donation? A phone call? Sign up for your email or loyalty club? Whatever it is, make it standout clear and simple. I know you have a lot you want to say and that it all feels so important. It is. You just gotta organize and prioritize all that content.

Last year, The Eagle team spent weeks scouring the web for sites and features we liked. We shared, discussed, designed, and discussed some more. We think the upfront investment to details paid off. Not only have we been honored with an IAC award*, we hear from clients and prospects that it reflects our core beliefs and is engaging.

You only have one chance to make a lasting impression. Do your homework, keep it simple and create that lasting emotional connection. This is where the love begins.

Have other ideas on what makes a website design compelling? We want to hear from you!

*The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase the award winning Internet advertising. This is one of the only competitions to recognize only online categories of advertising.

The Love Continues   1 comment

We’re popping the corks at Eagle this week! For the second year in a row, The Internet Advertising Competition* has honored Eagle Marketing for our work on website design and development. Last year we won Outstanding Website for our work with Senior Community Centers. This time, for our very own site.  We could not be prouder to have been awarded the Best Marketing Website for 2011 and to be recognized for the months we invested in discussion, design, detail, and even more discussion (if that’s even possible).  

If you have visited our site over the past 6 months, you’ve seen our bold headline, The Love Starts Here.   For me, creating this site was truly a labor of love because it so perfectly reflects my core belief in the power of simplicity, the importance of connections and the premise that it’s relationships and loyalty that matter most.   

Since taking over Eagle two years ago, I have worked to redefine our brand to align with these values and have had the pleasure of partnering with clients who feel equally passionate about creating connections. We have also extended our loyalty niche with on-line membership clubs like the Bay News 9 Club that help others cultivate relationships.  Loyalty clubs are a great way to build customers love for your brand with a measurable ROI. We’re especially excited that this program can encompass our full array of services that include direct mail, mobile, email marketing, database analysis and creative services.

No website or successful company, for that matter, is possible without a creative and dedicated team that strives for excellence. I think at Eagle, we got that love just right.

*The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase the award winning Internet advertising. This is one of the only competitions to recognize only online categories of advertising.

An Inconvenient Truth* #3: Don’t Make ‘em Work   Leave a comment

I watch yet another car lurk around the parking lot, scoping out the closest space possible to the building’s front door. Despite the fact that just a few rows away are dozens of empty spots, ignored by just about every driver. Round and round she goes, where she’ll stop, nobody knows – except you can be certain it won’t be far away.

And, of course, all this walk-avoidance is happening at the gym.

This hunt-for-the-nearest-parking-spot scenario is played out in parking lots across America day after day, at malls, restaurants, the airport, and yes, even the gym.

So what does this mean for you, dear Marketer? Another inconvenient, but important truth: At heart, most people are lazy. They’ll rally during times of crisis, show extraordinary strength and courage during history’s darkest hours – but just don’t make ‘em walk across the parking lot.

And don’t make ‘em work at trying to figure out your marketing message.

We’re talking too much play on words, “insider” jokes, copy that doesn’t know when to quit…anything that’s confusing, muddled, unclear, or even worse, boring.

Make sure your advertising is simple, to the point, and is conversational in tone. Cut out the cleverness if it gets in the way of the clarity. As a quick test, write your entire message in a ten-second script, being sure to clearly state your brand promise in that time. It’s a great starting point to develop a complete, concise message people can quickly understand.

Give your customers the chance to get close to you – without having to work at it.

*ignore at your own peril

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