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Extend the reach of your print and direct mail   1 comment

We often recommend using a QR code or a mobile call to action on a print ad or direct mail piece to help our clients provide a richer experience to their consumers. Here are some of the benefits:

·        QR codes and text campaigns require little effort on the part of the consumer to use. (Go ahead and give it a try. Text FREEMOBILE to 96362)

·        They offer a great way to connect the physical and digital experiences

·        They are relatively inexpensive to implement for marketers

·        They allow print materials to be tracked

However, it is important to understand that the QR code or text campaign is just a delivery method. It only makes sense if there is a solid strategy behind it.

Most clients easily understand that QR codes or text campaigns provide them a vehicle to track their campaign. They count the number of scans or opt-ins to determine how successful a campaign was. However, if you don’t clearly state what the reader will get when they scan or opt-into a text campaign they may either disregard the call-to-action or be disappointed when the experience doesn’t meet their expectation.

Here are some quick tips to incorporating QR codes into print materials:

  1. Don’t forget that QR codes are being scanned by a mobile phone. The experience MUST be mobile friendly.
  2. Provide a clear, concise call to action. Plainly state what will happen when they scan the code.
  3. Placement matters: Consumers need to be able to get their phone in a position to scan the code and the code can’t be in a location without mobile coverage. Here are some examples of marketers that might want to rethink their placement strategy. And a few more.
  4. Size does too! Anything smaller than one inch square is hard to scan and hard to notice.
  5. Use a URL shortener like bitlyThe more data you try to store in a QR code the smaller the dots become, which in turn means it’s more difficult for smartphones to read them.
  6. Track it: Make sure to use a unique URL for the campaign so you can easily track the response. You can use Google Analytics or bitly’s tracking service.

For text campaigns you have similar guidelines. Just like with QR codes you need to have a clear call to action like “text FREEMOBILE to 96362 for a free trial mobile campaign”. You need to make sure the message isn’t hidden and that it includes some simple legal language about messaging and data rates.

Follow these simple guidelines to help give your customers a richer experience by bridging print with digital and create a more memorable – and measurable – connection.


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You say it’s your birthday?!   Leave a comment

Building loyalty takes a commitment to your consumers. You can’t always be selling. It is about showing them that you not only have great products and services, but that you’re a great company to work with. Birthdays are the perfect time to reach out to your audience to let them know you appreciate them. Whether you offer a formal birthday club with coupons or freebies or just capture their birth date in your e-newsletter signup and send them a simple card, recognizing loyal customers on their special day is a great way to connect.

Eagle Marketing has been running birthday clubs for clients for years. We regularly hear from delighted members how the birthday greeting made their day. Here are just a few examples:

“I don’t know whose idea this was but it is brilliant! And having the video with Ybeth? Now THAT’S what I call the frosting on the cake! Thank you all!!!!”

“Thanks, that was cool! 67 and counting…. Love BayNews9 – especially the weather staff!! Al and all the staff are very nice people and that is why I watch BN9 – You’re a community anchor.”

“Thank you so much for remembering my birthday and actually doing something about it. I know it is just a marketing ploy and you don’t know me from a hole in the wall, but you are the only ones to actually say Happy Birthday to me today. It felt good. Thanks. Your Loyal fan and listener of Baynews 9 since its beginning. -Bruce”

“Thank you Jackie and I am 91 years old smile…. Have a Happy Healthy New Year and many more years to come. – Marie”

Here are some tips to launching a great birthday club:

  • Direct Mail or Email? You choose! Use great creative and silly or heartfelt copy to endear them to your brand. On the one hand, I know I love going to the mailbox around my birthday to see something other than bills waiting for me. Having a tangible reminder of your brand can be powerful. On the other, email messages can include videos or animation and give you the opportunity to start a dialog with a happy consumer ready to thank you for the birthday greeting.
  • Personalize your message: Glean their preferences at signup and then customize your message based on these preferences. Whether it is a customized greeting from their favorite anchor or DJ, dropping in some content or text that would be meaningful to them, or freebies from their favorite show, you are letting them know you care.
  • Don’t Sell: This is the time to thank them for their business. Don’t tell them about the upcoming lineup, latest sale or new model. Simply wish them a Happy Birthday!

There is no reason to limit these interactions to once a year either.  Reach out to your database with holiday greetings throughout the year. Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, New Years, Veterans Day, July 4th, Earth Day and others are great times to wish them well. It is about connecting. Making them smile. It is a great way to stay top of mind without pushing your wares.

A Reversal of Fortune   Leave a comment

There’s been a rush to exit for Netflix customers. The company lost 800,000 customers in 3rd quarter this year, the first time ever its customer base shrank instead of grew. The reason for the slump is simple. They chose to ignore the KISS rule – Keep It Simple Stupid – by first raising prices and then splitting its business into 2 companies. Customers who used both DVD and streaming services would need to manage two accounts at two different websites.

Why would a well defined brand with loyalists galore make it more difficult for customers to use their product?  Some days I can barely remember my own name let alone one more online account. Smart loyalty marketers focus on me and how to make my life simpler, easier, better. Anything else is just a complication I don’t need.

So the Netflix got the backlash it deserved. Twitter and Facebook went a buzz and the stock took a dive. And Netflix got the message loud and clear. Qwikster, the newly formed company, quickly went away. CEO Reed Hastings, to his credit, sent an email in August to customers apologizing for moving too quickly.  You got to give the guy some credit for admitting he screwed up.

“There is a difference,” he said, “between moving quickly – which Netflix has done very well for years – and moving too fast…” As my 7 year old would say, “Duh!”

Anytime you ask me to do more to access the same services I’ve known, and possibly loved, you’ve lost my loyalty and potentially a customer. What shocks me is Netflix had such a strongly defined brand of super servicing the customer and then came greed and inconvenience. And there went loads of customers flocking to the door. What were they thinking? Clearly not about loyalty.

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Genius and the Ultimate Relationship Marketer   Leave a comment

I’ve been saddened by the recent passing of Apple Founder Steve Jobs. The guy was the greatest inventor of my lifetime, a college dropout who has revolutionized computers, phones, movies, music. So much so that Apple’s market capitalization was the planet’s most valuable in 2011.

Jobs invented products that made our lives simpler, more entertaining, more connected than ever before. TIME magazine concludes his expertise was less in computers than in it was in the humans who used them.  Apple owners aren’t just customers, they are fanatics. Lining up around the corner at Apples stores the world over for the newest version of anything Apple. Visit an Apple store on any Saturday and, if you can get in the door, you’ll be struck by the demographic melting pot of young and old.

Jobs used marketing to create an emotional connection. To make us feel smart, cool, and hip. To stroke our ego and build our self-esteem. To remind us we ARE sophisticated and bold and cutting edge. In exchange, Apple got our heart and soul and lifelong loyalty.

After Jobs’ death I watched an interview with co-founder and long-time friend Steve Wozniak. While he and their band of byte brothers focused on the nuts and bolts of building computers that would sell, Jobs focused on how people would actually use their computers. What people would do with them.  And how they would make our lives better. He focused on us and made us not only crave the iPod, iPhone, iPad, he made us wonder how we ever lived without them.  Truly he was the King of Cool.

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The Love Continues   1 comment

We’re popping the corks at Eagle this week! For the second year in a row, The Internet Advertising Competition* has honored Eagle Marketing for our work on website design and development. Last year we won Outstanding Website for our work with Senior Community Centers. This time, for our very own site.  We could not be prouder to have been awarded the Best Marketing Website for 2011 and to be recognized for the months we invested in discussion, design, detail, and even more discussion (if that’s even possible).  

If you have visited our site over the past 6 months, you’ve seen our bold headline, The Love Starts Here.   For me, creating this site was truly a labor of love because it so perfectly reflects my core belief in the power of simplicity, the importance of connections and the premise that it’s relationships and loyalty that matter most.   

Since taking over Eagle two years ago, I have worked to redefine our brand to align with these values and have had the pleasure of partnering with clients who feel equally passionate about creating connections. We have also extended our loyalty niche with on-line membership clubs like the Bay News 9 Club that help others cultivate relationships.  Loyalty clubs are a great way to build customers love for your brand with a measurable ROI. We’re especially excited that this program can encompass our full array of services that include direct mail, mobile, email marketing, database analysis and creative services.

No website or successful company, for that matter, is possible without a creative and dedicated team that strives for excellence. I think at Eagle, we got that love just right.

*The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase the award winning Internet advertising. This is one of the only competitions to recognize only online categories of advertising.

Giving Thanks   Leave a comment

My twin daughters turned 4 last month so we celebrated with a princess party and a small group of their preschool buddies. In passing I mentioned to a friend I was writing thank you notes for the gifts they received. Her response? “What, are you nuts? Who does that?”  She thought it wasn’t necessary because the kids couldn’t read and probably had no clue what gift they gave.

My friend may be right but I sent the notes anyway. It so happens I’m a big believer in thank you’s, in acknowledging gifts and sometimes sending them for no reason. I once sent a big box of cookies to a long-time client who left us, briefly, to work with a competitor. I wanted to thank him for his business and show appreciation of our long relationship.

This time of year has me thinking a lot about appreciation…and gratitude. Gratitude for my health, my family, my circle of wonderful friends. Gratitude also for the talented people I work with and those I work for — my clients. Without them, I wouldn’t be doing the work I enjoy so much. Gratitude reminds me…and I thought worthy of reminding you… to press pause now and again to simply say thanks. A sincere thanks, without expectation, strings attached, or hope for response. Really, can you ever say thank you enough? I don’t think so.

 The owner of a neighborhood wine bar recently told me she delivers a cork tied to “free drink” coupons to hotel managers who send her business. A thank you that’s both clever and memorable. I send a box of diabetes-inducing toffee. Not so clever but definitely delicious and hopefully memorable.

I’d like to know — what do you do to say thank you and to show your appreciation? To your loved ones, to your customers, to your loyalists? From a marketing perspective, it’s just smart business. Invest in a gratitude mentality – with sincerity — and you’ll easily stand out in the crowd.

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A Timeless Truth – Listen and Learn   Leave a comment

Last week we talked about An Inconvenient Truth of marketing, Know Thyself – who you are and what you stand for. This week — a Timeless Truth that has nothing to do with the coolest new marketing idea. And everything to do with getting back to basics.

I had one of those “Aha moments” a few weeks ago when I attended a social media seminar at the swanky offices of a digital agency with high end décor and an incredibly breathtaking view of the ballpark. I went to learn new ways to engage consumers with the latest digital tools and techniques. During that hour, experts talked about ROI, social CRM and on-line clout. What stuck me most though was their common theme — an ageless fundamental.

To be successful, companies need to create connections. Build trust. And engage the customer to inspire their loyalty. You do this by listening and learning. Fostering two way conversations that matter. The tools – be they social media, direct mail, email marketing, mobile — are relevant only in that they allow that process to take place and that they best fit your target market.

Think for a moment about how your organization cultivates loyalty and generates business. Are you focused on telling and selling or are you in a meaningful dialogue that resonates with your customers? This requires asking their opinion, understanding their needs and making adjustments along the way. It also requires vision, commitment and work.

As a consumer, I don’t just want to have it my way at Burger King; I want to have it my way wherever and whenever possible. Not because I’m some high maintenance prima donna (and so what if I am?). But because I’m a busy working mom of three and if you know me and take care of me, I will love you for life.

One of the companies I love is Amazon. And not just because I love buying books. The last time I logged onto, I got a pop up of recommendations based on recent purchases or searches. Gee, thanks guys for knowing what I like and serving it up. Even if it is computer generated, you are saving for me that most precious of commodities – time. Bless you.

So when you think of loyalty marketing, think of this Timeless Truth that relationships do matter and that consumers will care more if we stick to the basics.

I read a quote recently by Irish critic, journalist and novelist Rebecca West that I think sums it all up:

“There was a definite process by which one made people into friends, and it involved talking to them and listening to them for hours at a time.”
        Rebecca West
        Irish critic, journalist, & novelist (1892 – 1983)

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