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A new Starbucks opened up in my neighborhood this week. This one in a supermarket. The one before that? Just a block away with skimpy parking but a killer drive thru that I find hard to pass by.  I cherish my morning “get into gear” coffee and my afternoon “pick me ups”.  No matter the location or time of day, I know I can count on Starbucks to deliver a great product with smart service in a highly reliable, familiar way.  That’s what great branding is all about.  Creating an experience and filling a need in a remarkable, consistent way.

Here’s a quick test. Look at this logo and quickly think of 3 words or feelings it conjures for you:


For me?  Reliable, relaxing, pampering.  All positive around an experience I like to repeat over and over.  I like coffee and I like the coffee Starbucks makes.  If, on the other hand, you despise coffee or tea, there’s probably nothing Starbucks can do to change your world view.  They’re simply not selling anything you need or want. So in your own marketing for your company, product, or service, focus on being remarkable and memorable to your core target audience.  Understand, through research (surveys, focus groups, comment cards) what it is they genuinely want from you and be honest and thoughtful about what commitment you can make to deliver.  And to excel.  Anyone can do mediocre, but to stand out in the crowd you need to be extraordinary.

I would invite you to look at your own brand and the story you tell your core customers. Is it authentic, reliable, consistent?  And is the experience they have with you spectacular? If not, what can you do to make it so.

If you deliver the need in a consistently extraordinary way, the end result is unwavering loyalty.  And you’ll have developed brand evangelists who will happily, and without monetary reward, help you spread the word.

Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.
Chip Bell, Founder Chip Bell Group

Is there a company you love telling friends about? We’d love to hear your stories.


Posted May 15, 2013 by Amy Blum in Branding

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  1. Love this blog post! What I am pondering today is how to reach out and tell my story to more of my clients and ensure that they all have a spectacular experience. Thank you Amy for the great insights!

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