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Acquiring new donors can be very expensive for Non-Profit Organizations (NPO). Text2Give offers a simple way for NPOs to collect a small amount of money ($5 or $10) from a large number of donors. Users simply text a keyword (ex LIBRARY) to a short code (20222) to donate. The money is instantly charged to their mobile phone bill. So the giving couldn’t be simpler. The tough part is getting them to give. You have to use traditional and digital marketing to build awareness about your campaign.

Best places to promote your campaign:

  • Live Events: Live events are the perfect venue for Text2Give. We have found that you will not see great success with signage alone. Anytime you have a live audience becomes the perfect time to make the ask. Taking advantage of the spontaneous donation is the key.
  • Social Media: Create a customized Facebook application to build awareness. Donors can enter their mobile phone number into the app and automatically get a text to their phone to complete the donation. Twitter is also a great way to get the word out about your campaign.
  • Partners: Engage corporate partners to share the word about your campaign. Text2Give donation amounts are small. It is all about building as much awareness about your campaign as possible.
  • Print: At live events, make sure the keyword and short code are available via signage, in the program and in targeted direct mail promoting the event so donors can easily access it and learn more about the cause.

Keys to getting your campaign noticed:

1. Clearly state where donations are going: People want to know what their money is going towards and they need to care about it. If they have just been educated on a troubling issue they are more likely to make that connection that their $5 will go towards fixing that issue vs. a general ask for a donation.  http://customer.givebycell.com/gbc/marketing/gautemalanTextBooks

2. Make people feel something: Using images and compelling headlines that immediately evoke emotion will help you drive donations. People need to immediately connect with the cause and feel compelled to donate. Here are a couple examples of how to do it. SAD: http://hua.org/blog/view-our-new-commercial-about-puppy-mills/ FUNNY http://ihateballs.com/

3. Create a sense of urgency: Even if there is no said “disaster” you can still evoke a quick action from your audience by creating a timeline or goal that needs to be reached by a certain date.  At live events you can even use the real time reporting to keep people updated about how the campaign is doing. Ex. We’re half way there. Please donate before the end of the show to help us reach our goal of $10,000.

 4. Connect with people when they are most receptive: At one organization they found by simply moving the sign to the front entrance as people are waiting in line to buy tickets for an event was more successful than the sign at the exit or even within event. They found that people in line were bored and were more likely to read the sign and do something about it.

5. Celebrity Influenced: Society responds when their favorite celebrity is supporting what they too feel is a great cause. Examples include Alicia Keys at American Idol: http://www.dosomething.org/blog/celebsgonegood/idols-give-back-15-million

Text2Give campaigns can be a cost effective solutions for acquisition, but without the right approach to drive awareness, you won’t see the results.


Posted July 16, 2012 by Amy Blum in Mobile

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