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How do you get customers to become loyalists when they’re barraged with marketing messages from companies vying for their attention? We could list the many “how to’s” but here’s the bottom line — you have to Be Remarkable. Recently I was on the receiving end of “remarkable” from the most unlikely of sources.

Story #1:

Heard any stories lately about phone companies and their amazing customer service that goes the extra mile? More than likely, your answer is a big NO!  Phone companies aren’t known for exceeding expectations; they’re more often the source of frustration and gripes for lousy service.

Imagine then my surprise and delight when I received a handwritten note card from a Sprint employee thanking me for my business and offering a 25% discount on my next in-store purchase.  Seems Sprint has decided my loyalty is appreciated. And I appreciate them taking the time to tell me so. It seemed so, well, personal.

What happens when you feel appreciated? For starters, you feel good.  And you feel good about your decision to use this company, their product or service. You feel more emotionally connected to them and their brand and you become more passionate and engaged. And chances are, you will tell your friends, family, and colleagues. So by exceeding your expectations and showing appreciating, this company has turned you the customer into a fan who will tell others this remarkable story.

Story #2:

Here’s a story about another type company you’re unlikely to get excited about – an auto body shop.  I became a fan recently of Caliber Collision Centers when they surprised me with their excellent customer service. I dropped my car off some for repairs recently. The staff was so attentive and caring I was taken aback.  They asked about the accident (not our fault), empathized over the inconvenience and offered me copious amounts of coffee and water.  The service agent followed through on his promise to call every Tuesday and Thursday with an update. And the repairs took 3 days less than anticipated.  In short, they exceeded my expectations and generated a level of loyalty in me I didn’t know possible.

When I complimented the office manager on their great service, she told me she tries to treat customers the way she’d like to be treated.

I hope I don’t get in another accident soon but if I do, I know where I’m headed.

How are you working to be remarkable and remembered? We’d love to hear your story.


Posted May 31, 2012 by Amy Blum in Branding

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