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As the Promobabe, I see value in most forms of marketing. I’m all for the Internet. I love a creative print ad campaign. And as a 20 plus year vet of broadcast promotion, I’m a big fan of advertising on radio and TV.

Problem is, so does everyone else.  Resulting in way too much “mass” communication.

So how do you zig when everyone’s zagging?  By going old school.  With  a beautiful piece of direct mail.

Unlike the mind-boggling frenzy of info on the web, or the blather of too many broadcast messages, direct mail can be your own personal playground of effective promotion.

Because, Dear Marketer, that 6 x 9 card is your turf. With an attention-getting design, clean layout and clear, engaging copy, direct mail can rise above the average ad — and become an opportunity to begin a customer conversation.  Even better, it allows you to target your prospects like a Jedi Master — so you can hone in on exactly the folks you most want to reach.

The other really great thing about direct mail? These days, it’s too often overlooked in favor of its high-tech brothers and sisters. Which means fewer of your competitors are likely to be there.

So, while everyone else is shouting themselves hoarse — trying to be heard over the other guy’s ads, questionable web “content,” or jammed into a broadcast break most people skip — direct mail puts you on your own island of advertising.  With your message literally in your customer’s hands.

Now how cool is that?

Need more convincing? A recent study showed that 50% of consumers prefer direct mail to email marketing.

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Or contact Eagle Marketing today at 619.223.1273  or to learn more.


Posted February 8, 2012 by promobabe in Direct Mail

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