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I am often asked about the future direct mail. People wonder if electronic media will replace it in the long run. My response is always “direct mail isn’t going away”. I firmly believe this and encourage people to continue to use direct mail as a key element in their marketing plans for several reasons.

  1. Direct mail has a long shelf life. If the creative or offer is strong, people will hang on to the piece—even if they don’t make a purchasing decision right away. They may handle it multiple times, reading portions of the offer over and over.
  2. Human beings like to touch things. We like fluffy things, soft things, squishy things. We like to see how the structure of an item changes when we press, fold or crumple it. Direct mail’s structure can reach people like no other medium.
  3. Integrating a mobile call-to-action into a direct mail piece makes it actionable and trackable. Whether you ask people to scan a QR code or opt into a text campaign to get a coupon, enter a sweepstakes or learn more, you can now provide them updated info and continued engagement.
  4. Most of us like to get mail that isn’t a bill. I remember so clearly, amidst the loneliness and homesickness of my freshman year of college, how a simple letter from home or from another friend who was away at school would brighten my day—or even my week!
  5. Your message with direct mail can be consistent and variable for all of your targets. Clear messages, consistent branding and a vibrant look and feel make direct mail appealing. Utilizing personalization and variable data can make your message personal and meaningful.

And, there are companies that are using direct mail to reach our other senses…even taste and smell! Imagine a direct mail piece that can not only sing, but one you can taste or even smell freshly cut grass. It’s already happening. Yes, my friend, direct mail will continue to evolve and is here to stay.


Posted December 12, 2011 by Dee Dern in Direct Mail

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