Genius and the Ultimate Relationship Marketer   Leave a comment

I’ve been saddened by the recent passing of Apple Founder Steve Jobs. The guy was the greatest inventor of my lifetime, a college dropout who has revolutionized computers, phones, movies, music. So much so that Apple’s market capitalization was the planet’s most valuable in 2011.

Jobs invented products that made our lives simpler, more entertaining, more connected than ever before. TIME magazine concludes his expertise was less in computers than in it was in the humans who used them.  Apple owners aren’t just customers, they are fanatics. Lining up around the corner at Apples stores the world over for the newest version of anything Apple. Visit an Apple store on any Saturday and, if you can get in the door, you’ll be struck by the demographic melting pot of young and old.

Jobs used marketing to create an emotional connection. To make us feel smart, cool, and hip. To stroke our ego and build our self-esteem. To remind us we ARE sophisticated and bold and cutting edge. In exchange, Apple got our heart and soul and lifelong loyalty.

After Jobs’ death I watched an interview with co-founder and long-time friend Steve Wozniak. While he and their band of byte brothers focused on the nuts and bolts of building computers that would sell, Jobs focused on how people would actually use their computers. What people would do with them.  And how they would make our lives better. He focused on us and made us not only crave the iPod, iPhone, iPad, he made us wonder how we ever lived without them.  Truly he was the King of Cool.


Posted October 24, 2011 by Amy Blum in Branding, Loyalty Programs

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