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I love direct mail. I really do. Not because it has created a living for me but because I find it such a powerful way to communicate with people. It has withstood onslaughts of postal increases, the telemarketing boom, online marketing, magazines, billboards and more. And it still reigns as a solid marketing medium that delivers response. But why? A couple of things come into play with direct mail that make it such a response-friendly medium. Pat Friesen of shared that the US Postal Service was recently named “Most Trusted Government Agency” by 87% of the respondents. My feeling (and Pat’s too) is that this creates a perceived sense of trust with things that come in the mail. Another thing that makes direct mail responsive is its permanence. Direct mail sticks around on my kitchen island for days, weeks, even months. I see the message over and over as I reshuffle things. Other mediums might not keep reminding me the way that direct mail does. A third benefit to using direct mail is the accuracy and targetability (I think I just made up that word) of lists. Mailing addresses can be verified using software to determine that they are complete, accurate and deliverable. And, a lot of demographic, behavioral and purchasing information is affiliated with street addresses allowing marketers to select only those addresses they want to target. Not many other mediums can say that at such a thorough level. Marketers have tried many ways to reach people with their messages but the most enduring and responsive medium (other than word of mouth) is direct mail. I personally hope that more people will focus their resources on this tried and true classic of marketing in 2011. Happy New Year!


Posted January 2, 2011 by Dee Dern in Direct Mail

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