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My twin daughters turned 4 last month so we celebrated with a princess party and a small group of their preschool buddies. In passing I mentioned to a friend I was writing thank you notes for the gifts they received. Her response? “What, are you nuts? Who does that?”  She thought it wasn’t necessary because the kids couldn’t read and probably had no clue what gift they gave.

My friend may be right but I sent the notes anyway. It so happens I’m a big believer in thank you’s, in acknowledging gifts and sometimes sending them for no reason. I once sent a big box of cookies to a long-time client who left us, briefly, to work with a competitor. I wanted to thank him for his business and show appreciation of our long relationship.

This time of year has me thinking a lot about appreciation…and gratitude. Gratitude for my health, my family, my circle of wonderful friends. Gratitude also for the talented people I work with and those I work for — my clients. Without them, I wouldn’t be doing the work I enjoy so much. Gratitude reminds me…and I thought worthy of reminding you… to press pause now and again to simply say thanks. A sincere thanks, without expectation, strings attached, or hope for response. Really, can you ever say thank you enough? I don’t think so.

 The owner of a neighborhood wine bar recently told me she delivers a cork tied to “free drink” coupons to hotel managers who send her business. A thank you that’s both clever and memorable. I send a box of diabetes-inducing toffee. Not so clever but definitely delicious and hopefully memorable.

I’d like to know — what do you do to say thank you and to show your appreciation? To your loved ones, to your customers, to your loyalists? From a marketing perspective, it’s just smart business. Invest in a gratitude mentality – with sincerity — and you’ll easily stand out in the crowd.


Posted December 6, 2010 by Amy Blum in Loyalty Programs

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