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My office is in my home. Tucked in the corner of the basement with a small window and warm caramel walls.  I have worked from home for more than 9 years. It works for me on nearly every level.

There are, however, negatives to working from home. The biggest hole in the “work from home” life is the lack of social interaction. I miss my colleagues. I miss those coffee breaks and the “let’s go get lunch” invitations. In order to combat my hermit-like work life, I schedule “dates” with friends, colleagues, other small business owners, vendors and clients for coffee or lunch. These “appointments” have partially filled that space for me.

People can very easily feel isolated in our crazy, technology-filled lives. Now more than ever, your job as a marketer is to create a human connection with your customers. Targeted direct mail or emal marketing are reliable, cost-effective, trackable way to create a loyal bond with your customers.

For direct mail: Variable printing, finely targeted mailing lists and data management are powerful tools to make this happen.  Targeting your marketing message to your prospects’ and customers’ lifestyle or behavioral traits with variable data printing can be just like tailoring your conversation to the person across the table. These direct mail tools empower you to use information (your own, or purchased) to target your marketing message. Personalized, targeted eblast campaigns also do the trick. Sending a gift of dark Belgian chocolate to your best customer because you know she likes it can create a bond that could last a lifetime.  Don’t waste the information that’s available to you. Use it to create those human connections.


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