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Years ago I read a book called Permission Marketing by Seth Godin. It inspired me so much, I gave it as a gift to clients and friends. Ten years later, I’m still using it as a point of reference. The reason it resonated is that it put into words my personal belief in the power of building relationships.

 The timeless message? Permission marketing is so effective when you reach people who believe that what you have to offer matters. That it provides a value and that it enhances their life in some tangible way.  It’s our job as marketers to understand what customers want, promise to provide it and then deliver. Every time.

So how do you create connections with your community of customers and deliver the value that keeps them coming back?  You’re on the right track if your marketing messages are:

  • Anticipated
  • Relevant
  • Personal
  • Consistent

In Permission Marketing, Godin suggests turning your email message into a “me-mail” message that creates a more personal interaction that’s both anticipated and meaningful.

One worthy example is Circle Buzz, the new San Diego based on-line coupon service. They send out a daily Deal of the Day email promoting local family friendly discounts targeted to parents. These discounts are downright great. The kind I love to forward to friends because they’re just too good to pass up.

It’s no surprise then that every morning when my inbox overflows with retailer emails that I promptly delete, I take the time to open and read my Circle Buzz Deal of the Day. The smart group of mompreneurs who started Circle Buzz knows that I’m interested in creative ways to explore San Diego, 3 small kids in tow and an eye on the budget. I hope they stay wise to always partner with advertisers who match the target demographic — me, me, me!! If not, it’ll feel like a letdown, a turn off, and a broken promise. And that will mean a quick hit of the delete button.

In this enlightened scenario of relationship marketing, I am rewarded for paying attention and Circle Buzz is rewarded with my business and my loyalty. Not to mention access to my network of other moms looking for a great deal. Everybody wins.

So whether you’re a start up or a multi-national, the bottom line is you have customers who make discerning choices and look for value that makes their lives better. They sign up for what you promise. They’ll stay because you deliver.

Join the conversation and tell us how you or companies you know promise and deliver. We’d love to hear your stories.


One response to “Promise and Deliver

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