Familiarity Breeds Trust   1 comment

Remember the first time you fell in love? Not some second grade crush over the new kid in class. Really deeply passionately in love? Maybe your romance started with a chance encounter or an online chat. Or maybe, like me and my husband, with a blind date. From that first lunch 12 years ago grew the seeds of familiarity, comfort, trust and lasting love. And like any strong relationship, it took time, consistency, and a desire to learn more.

Falling in love is a process that’s cultivated in small steps over time. In many ways, you want your customers to have that very same experience. You want their love and loyalty. You want their trust and devotion. And of course, you want their business.

It all starts with getting familiar – with your customers’ needs, their wants, their particular (or peculiar) tastes. Like with any lasting relationship, you need to keep in touch. And keep up to date. And keep it real and consistent.

One major hotel chain puts this into practice in a simple, automated, yet memorable way. Last year, when my family and I made our annual trek to Disneyland, we booked a room at their Anaheim hotel. The week before our trip, I received a personalized email from the manager anticipating our arrival and asking how he and his staff might super serve our needs. I received a second personalized email following our stay thanking us for selecting the hotel and asking for feedback. Even though I knew these emails were auto-generated, I still got a warm and fuzzy from the nice touch. And my next trip is already mentally booked.

So, whether you’re speaking to your customers through email marketing, direct mail, text messaging or social media, make an emotional connection that’s authentic and meaningful. Be familiar with who they are and what they want. And remind them (like my husband does now and again) that they’ve made a smart choice in picking your company or your product or your people. I think you’ll find that familiarity really does breed trust. And trust is the beginning of every great relationship.


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