Beautiful graphics, compelling offer. What more could you need?   1 comment

A high end dog food company just sent me a direct mail piece. It’s a beautiful, bright green tri-fold with an adorable bulldog gracing (Can I use that word when I’m talking about a bulldog?) the cover. And there’s a great coupon inside along with reminders of why their food is the healthiest choice for dogs.  It grabbed my attention right out of the mailbox. The very next day, a mailer for a lawn care service arrived in my mailbox. A photo of a perfect lawn highlights the piece. How convenient it would be to have someone else take care of the fertilizing and weed control of my lawn!

Whoa…not so fast. The fact is, we haven’t had a dog since our beloved Hooter was put down many years ago. And, the lawn care piece was addressed to the family that owned our house before us—11 years ago.

Keeping your database information clean and up-to-date isn’t as hard as it seems. National Change of Address (NCOA) processing is not expensive and prevents a good portion of these types of addressing errors. It’s also required for standard class USPS mailings. And, when you are buying or renting lists, it is important to use list companies that double verify and update regularly (including purging outdated records).

Ideally, you want your hard-earned marketing dollars reaching people who have or can develop an interest in your product. The dog food company wasted the print and postage of their piece by mailing it to our home. The lawn company annoyed me by not realizing who I am. Are you putting your marketing budget into the right homes or businesses?

I wonder what will be in my mailbox today.


One response to “Beautiful graphics, compelling offer. What more could you need?

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  1. I think of this post often. I’ve received entire containers of infant formula and other high end mailers that have no relevance to my life. It is crazy to me not to take a step back and make sure you know who you are marketing to and make sure they are the right folks.

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