Are You Addicted, Too?   2 comments

I have a confession to make. I love Diet Coke. Not in a can, not in a bottle. A fountain Diet Coke. With chunks of ice. And one of my daily rituals is going through McDonald’s drive thru to get one. Sometimes, it’s even the highlight of my day. Know why? Besides the midday infusion of cold caffeine, the woman at the drive thru window knows my name. And the names of my kids (really, what’s the harm in a little Happy Meal now and then?). We laugh about my daily dose. She smiles, I smile back. It’s a good day.  So now, not only am I addicted to my fountain Diet Coke, I’m addicted to that warm feeling I get when someone has taken the time to say my name, know what I like and reward me in a small but special way.  It creates true loyalty, plain and simple.

So maybe you’re not passionate about Diet Coke. But hopefully you’re passionate about the work you do and about engaging your customers so they become your friends, your fans, your loyalists. Like the woman in the window, do you take the time to know your customers’ needs, their preferences, and what makes them tick?  Why not ramp it up and make it a two way conversation? Why not tell them “We hear you” and give ‘em what they want? Who knows, maybe they, too, will become addicted. 

 Already sowing the seeds of loyalty? Join the conversation and tell us how.


Posted June 17, 2010 by Amy Blum in Loyalty Programs

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2 responses to “Are You Addicted, Too?

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  1. You’re right about the power of a personal connection. It often makes the difference in whether or not I return to a store.
    And might I suggest you try a McCafe iced coffee, with no added syrup? Quite tasty!

  2. Thanks Stephanie, I’d love to try that iced cup o’ joe and will do so next time I’m on my Diet Coke run. Glad to know you too believe in the power of one-to-one connections. That personal touch can make all the difference!

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